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How to properly and properly maintain fire pumps
Aug 31, 2018

As we all know, what is a fire pump, but everything is not only not maintained, and then we work together on how to properly maintain the fire pump.

How to maintain the fire pump is the simplest and most economical maintenance. It is necessary to prevent the damage of the fire pump and prolong its service life. Naturally, it saves money for us. In order to save cost, our daily maintenance can be like this.

First of all, to check whether the oil surface is normal, can not reach the normal surface of the oil mark line, if we do not want to replenish in time, but bear in mind that not more than the amount of oil index line.

Secondly, check the radiator, water is appropriate, if not added in time, adding water is the best requirement is clean water, as long as it is clean water, or water is tap water can. Why not use groundwater, because the impurities in groundwater are easy to form in the tank size, which affects the cooling effect, but also prone to failure. In winter, we will drive the preheated car, coolant added to the car, fire pump is no exception, the northern weather is very cold, it is best to add coolant temperature according to the actual temperature of the fire pump.

Finally, check all parts of the installation of fire pump, such as whether they are stable, screw and screw connection, if there is loosening, timely tighten the screw. To clean the fire pump, soak in an oil canvas or dry cloth, wipe the body slowly or on the surface of grease or dust.

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