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Reasons for excessive temperature of bearing of fire pump
Aug 31, 2018

The main reasons for the excessive temperature rise of the bearing of fire pump are as follows: (It is not difficult to deal with the problem as long as we pay attention to the observation and find out the cause in time.)

(1) if the shaft of the fire pump is bent or not concentric, it will cause the fire pump to vibrate and cause the bearing to generate heat or wear.

(2) As the axial thrust increases (for example, when the balance plate and the balance ring in the fire pump are seriously damaged), the axial load on the bearing is increased, resulting in the bearing heating and even damage.

(3) Bearing oil (grease) is not enough or too much, poor quality, there are sediment, iron scraps and other debris; sliding bearings sometimes because the oil ring does not rotate, can not bring oil to cause bearing heating.

(4) bearing clearance does not meet the requirements. If the bearing inner ring and fire pump shaft, bearing outer ring and bearing between the body, with too loose or too tight, can cause bearing heating. (Too tight matching will make the bearing rotation inflexible; Too loose matching will make the bearing inner ring rotation or the entire bearing rotation in the bearing body).

(5) the static balance of the rotor of the fire pump is not good. The radial force of the rotor of the fire pump increases, and the load of the bearing increases, which causes the bearing to generate heat.

(6) the vibration of the fire pump running at the off design point will also cause the bearing of the fire pump to be heated.

(7) Bearings have been damaged (including the quality of the bearing itself purchased), often the more common causes of bearing heating, such as damage to the rolling bearing cage, ball crushing inner or outer ring breakage; sliding bearing alloy layer peeling, block, etc. In this case, the bearing is abnormal in noise and noisy. It is necessary to disassemble and check the bearing in time.

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