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Should fire pump be equipped with overload protection?
Aug 31, 2018

Fire pump is an important equipment for fire fighting and rescue. It plays a very important role in fire fighting. According to our habitual thinking, all important equipment should be protected by overload. However, Articles and (3) of the Civil Code stipulate that "For distribution lines whose sudden blackouts cause greater losses than those caused by overload, overload protection devices (such as power supply lines for fire pumps) that cut off the circuit shall not be installed, but overload alarm devices shall be installed". According to this regulation, fire pumps should not be equipped with overload protection and cut-off devices. This is mainly to take into account the fire, should make every effort to ensure the need for water for fire fighting, because the pump overload may cause losses of lines, equipment and fire losses are negligible. But in practice, even in some standard construction drawings, including the electrical drawings of fire pump introduced in the current textbooks of colleges and universities, the fire pump circuit is still equipped with overload protection cut-off electrical appliances, such as "Building Electrical Installation Engineering Atlas" JD13 page 318 "high-rise building fire protection system full voltage start fire pump control installation Map (two). This obviously does not meet the requirements of the code.

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