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The 2019 Annual Meeting: Aim At The Peak With All One's Heart
Jan 23, 2019

  On December 31, 2018, PURITY PUMP Co., Ltd. held the company's annual meeting in 2019 at the new world international hotel. The theme of the annual meeting was "Aim at the peak with all one's heart". PURITY PUMP staff, as well as invited guests, gathered together, happy, like a family; Have dinner together, drink, look back at the past, grasp the present, look forward to the future.

  As 2018 slips by, we look back on the glory and harvest.The year 2019 has arrived, and we are full of fight and hope.


  Mr. Lu Wanfang, chairman of PURITY PUMP, came to the stage to send a New Year's message! Reviewed the heart course of PURITY PUMP in 2018, affirmed the brilliant achievements in 2018, PURITY PUMP is committed to becoming the leader of pipeline pump industry step by step. The development of PURITY PUMP cannot be separated from the support of all the staff of the company, and PURITY PUMP's development cannot be separated from the hand of all the colleagues. We are always on the road, on the road of struggle, the road in the past is full of sweat and passion. PURITY PUMP has entered a relatively stable development strategy period. Join PURITY PUMP, fight together, face the difficulties head on, define the development goal, adhere to the development strategy, make mechanism, create culture and build a team, and jointly welcome another bucket of gold in the new era.


  The whole annual conference came to a successful conclusion in an atmosphere of harmony, warmth, passion and joy. Looking back at 2018, we work together, strive hard, and harvest together. Looking forward to 2019, we have the same goal and full of confidence. We hope that the future of PURITY PUMP will be better and better.


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