Competitive Price Valve for Fire Protection Used Supply

Competitive Price Valve for Fire Protection Used Supply

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Product Description

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Signal Gate Valve

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Signal Butterfly Valve

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Fire Landing Valve

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  The fire signal gate valve is a special valve for intercepting the flow of fire water supply system and realizing the intercept state electrical signal monitoring.

  It is mainly used in automatic sprinkler system to control the blocking and blocking state.In addition, it can be used for blocking and blocking state control of fire extinguishing system.

      Main Technical Parameter:

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  Fire signal butterfly valve is equipped with valve opening and closing electric signal device at the top. When the valve is closed by 25% (1/4 of full opening), the electric signal decoration will output the signal that is closed by mistake to the fire control center.

  This signal valve can accurately show the valve switch state, with intuitive, clear and reliable reflection of the working state in the fire system, so it is widely and widely used in the fire system.

      Main Technical Parameter:

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Spare Parts

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Packaging & Shipping

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